Covid is a serious matter


  We want you to feel better about what we are doing. All employees are required to fill out a daily log at Every person who shows up to work is having their temperature taken when they arrive. If they have a fever or have other symptoms, they will not be allowed to stay and will not be allowed back until cleared by a physician.

At the pickup counter we wipe everything you touch with sanitizer.

We have a bottle of sanitizer on the counter we also have sanitizer at the dining room entrance and on your way to the bathrooms. Please feel free to use it when you come in. Door are sanitized every hour.

Tables, chairs, booths, condiments, pens, tablets and menus are sanitized after every use.

Tables are set with six feet between.  We do far more than what we have observed at any retail establishment you might frequent.    If you wish to participate in Covid Contact Tracing the QR code is on every table.  

We are still doing takeout and curbside service.

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